Apollo Kinematic Theatre/Classic/Essoldo/Apollo

42 Albert Road, Southsea


The Apollo/Essoldo in Albert Rd was originally called Apollo Kinematic Theatre. The licence was granted on 27th February 1912, it was opened on 6th April 1912 with the film "Vanity Fair" the admission price was 3d (1p) upwards. The cinema at that time had 500 seats. The films were silent and the projector was driven by hand, as there was only one projector it was necessary to have an interval every 16 minutes to change reels as the films were distributed on 1000 ft spools, which at the silent film rate of 16 frames per second yielded a showing time 16 minutes. 16 frames of 35 mm cinema film measure 12 inches. The first 'talkie' was shown on 5th August 1929, after a refit in the projection room etc. In December 1939, the licence was transferred to "Associated British Cinemas" and from then on showed the same programme as the Savoy, Commercial Road and The Carlton, Cosham. The cinema closed in 1975.